What is Body Stress Release?

What is Body Stress Release? While most people define health as the absence of pain, the BSR definition of health is defined as “all areas of the body working optimally, 100% of the time”. If...
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Types of Stress

Stress Overload The body is designed to be self-healing. It has mechanisms that constantly monitor every function that is taking place externally and internally and is continuously adapting to both of these influences. While a...
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My Story

My Story I spent most of my adult life as a corporate high flyer in the media industry, exhibition industry and later as brand manager in a large publishing house. For many years I thrived...
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Body Stress Release with Sarah Davies

Are aches and pains preventing you from experiencing optimal health?

Do you suffer from headaches, back pain, joint pain or arthritis? Perhaps you wake up with a stiff back or complain of numbing in the fingers and toes, tingling sensations or debilitating migraines?

The effects of stored body stress may have diverse effects, ranging from muscle tension and discomfort to systemic imbalances such as infertility, heartburn, hyperactivity in children and a myriad of other complaints.

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The underlying premise of Body Stress Release is to release stored tension to optimise the body’s communication system, thereby stimulating the body to heal itself and maintain optimal health.

This non-therapeutic, complementary health technique is recommended by doctors and specialists and has assisted hundreds of people in their path to restored vitality and optimal health.

Body Stress Release was founded in South Africa in 1981 and is now practiced in the UK, Japan, US, Australia and Europe.

Case Studies

Babies and Children
Legs and Feet
Arms and Hands
Neck Tension
Middle Back
Lower Back
Effects – Case Studies

In The News

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Restoring Balance with Body Stress Release

After blank stares from two GPs, Health24’s Editor, Laura van Niekerk, turned to a Body Stress Release practitioner to see if they could help with her chronic tense neck, sore lower back and ‘pinched nerve’ tingling arm.

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